Mountaineer Rope Leash

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Handcrafted from a cotton + nylon blended rope. All 5 Rope Leashes within this collection are only available in our 1/2" rope thickness and 6ft Adjustable style. *Mid-Twisted whipping knot grips will only be available in BROWN as shown. You can customize the standard colored knots that seal off the braided rope ends by selecting the desired color from the menu selector.

The rope used for our Mountaineer Leashes is a softer variant compared to the rope used for our Gradient-fade Leashes. This results in a change to how the rope absorbs color pigments. Up close, you'll see white nylon threads twisted in with the dyed cotton. This new rope is only available in our 1/2 inch size and 6ft Adjustable Style! Hand-twisted center grip comes in a standard brown as shown.







1/2 best fits medium to large sized breeds, not recommended for small breeds because of rope weight.


6 ft Adjustable

Our adjustable leashes are 6' full length, and come with TWO solid antique brass clip and O-rings (one on each end). To create a handle, simply clasp the two together. For versatility you can also quickly clip your pet around a tree/pole if a temporary tie-up is needed! For the other end, you can create a wrap around collar by using the additional O-ring clip, or for attaching items to. 


Customize Whipping Detail Color:

Burgundy, Camel, Olive Green, Blue, Brown, Black