Styles + Sizing

Our two latest Bandana styles are shown above. Both provide secure and sturdy closures. Please select based on personal preference!

Double-Snap Bandana |  Color coordinating snaps are placed 1" apart on each end of the bandana. Wrap the bandana around your dogs neck, and clasp both snaps together.  For the best security, we recommended selecting the size and exact inch measurement that allows you to keep both snaps secured during heavy-duty activities. For example, a Medium 15"/16" Bandana with both snaps clasped will best fit a neck measurement under 15".

Classic-Tie Bandana  |  Our tie-on bandanas now include all latest upgrades that were made to our snap-ons bandanas last season!  Newest sizing leaves just enough length to tie for each given size listed below so a perfect fit is achieved. Be sure to review our latest sizing and select whichever measurement you want the bandana to knot at full length. Placement of the tie is further customizable the tighter you go.



XXS:  8"/9" | 9"/10"

XS:  10"/11" | 11"/12"

SMALL:  13"/14" | 14"/15"

MEDIUM:  15"/16" | 16"/17"

LARGE:  17"/18" | 18"/19" | 19"/20"

XL:  20"/21" | 21"/22" | 22"/23"

XXL:  23"/24" | 24"/25" | 25"/26"